रजोनिवृति महिलाओं की समस्याओं में होम्योपैथिक औषधियों के सफ़ल परीक्षण (Treating hot flushes in menopausal women with homeopathic treatment–Results of an observational study )


रजोनिवृति महिलाओं मे उत्पन्न होने वाली वह  शरीर की स्वभाविक प्रक्रिया है जहाँ मासिक धर्म ४५-५० साल की आयु मे पहुँचते-२ कम और बाद मे बन्द  हो जाता है । और इसके दौरान उत्पन्न होती हैं कई प्रतिक्रियायें जैसे चिडचिडापन , बहुत गर्मी लगना , हाथ पैर मे जलन होना,सोते समय शरीर से  पसीना आना , सेक्स से वितृष्णा होना आदि । मेडिकल भाषा मे इसे hot flushes कहा जाता है ।

When a woman reaches her late forties or early fifties, her periods grind to a halt. Menopause marks the move from the reproductive years to a cessation in fertility. This literally means that her supply of eggs, which is determined at birth, has been used up.
For some this change of life comes smoothly and all she notices is that she no longer has her periods. But for others, the change is more rocky and causes much distress with symptoms of hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness and irritation, poor libido, frequent urinary tract infections, poor memory and concentration, fatigue, depression, headaches, weight gain and heart palpitations.
Nearly three-quarters of all menopausal women experience hot flushes which have been described as one of the most distressing symptoms.
Hot flushes (or hot flashes) come unexpectedly. It’s the sudden feeling of intense heat that one feels all over the face and upper body. The skin may turn red and the body starts to sweat. Hot flushes at night disturb a woman’s sleep and can be so severe as to cause the bedding to be soaked in sweat.

आठ देशों के ९९ चिकित्सकों ने औसतन ५५ वर्ष तक की ४३८ महिलाओं पर यह क्लीकल परीक्षण किये । जिन औषधियों को मूलत: प्रयोग किया उनमे  Lachesis mutus, Belladonna, Sepia officinalis, Sulphur और  Sanguinaria canadensis प्रमुख थीं ।


Treating hot flushes in menopausal women with homeopathic treatment–Results of an observational study

british homeopathy journal

Source: Science Direct

MF Bordet , A Colas , P Marijnen , JL Masson and M Trichard
1Boiron, Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon, France
2Reims, France
3Ecully, France
4Lyon, France
Received 13 December 2006;  revised 19 November 2007;  accepted 19 November 2007.  Available online 11 January 2008.


There is great controversy concerning treatment for menopausal symptoms. We evaluated homeopathic treatments for hot flushes and their effect on quality of life in menopausal women.


Open, multi-national prospective, pragmatic and non-comparative observational study of homeopathic treatments prescribed and their effectiveness, observing their impact on quality of life.


Ninety-nine physicians in 8 countries took part in this study and included 438 patients with an average age of 55.

Homeopathic medicines were prescribed to all patients; 98% of the prescription lines were for homeopathic medicines. Lachesis mutus, Belladonna, Sepia officinalis, Sulphur and Sanguinaria canadensis were the most prescribed. A non-homeopathic treatment and/or food supplement prescribed for 5% of the patients.

This observational study revealed a significant reduction (p<0.001) in the frequency of hot flushes by day and night and a significant reduction in the daily discomfort they caused (mean fall of 3.6 and 3.8 points respectively, on a 10 cm visual analogue scale; p<0.001).

Ninety percent of the women reported disappearance or lessening of their symptoms, these changes mostly taking place within 15 days of starting homeopathic treatment.


The results of this observational study suggest that homeopathic treatment for hot flushes in menopausal women is effective. Further studies including randomized controlled trials should be conducted.


5 responses to “रजोनिवृति महिलाओं की समस्याओं में होम्योपैथिक औषधियों के सफ़ल परीक्षण (Treating hot flushes in menopausal women with homeopathic treatment–Results of an observational study )

  1. बडे दिनो बाद लिख रहे है आप। आशा है अब आपको नियमित पढने का अवसर मिलेगा।

  2. डॉ सब मैं आप का ऑनलाइन पंखा हू | HOT FLUSH की समस्या के लिये मैं ने एक कॉम्बिनेशन काफी महिलाओ को दिया और लगभग १०० मैं से ९० को उन मैं से काफी फायदा हुआ : कॉम्बिनेशन है १# अब्रोमा औगता क्यू २# अब्रोमा रादिक्सा क्यू ३# अल्फा अल्फा क्यू ४# अर्जुना क्यू ५# बेर्बरिस वल्गारिस क्यू ६# कोलोफ्य्लुम क्यू ७# सिन्कोना क्यू ८# क्रेतागुस ओक्स्य क्यू ९# अशोका क्यू १०# पुल्स्तेला क्यू ११# कलि ब्रोम १ एन सब के २ बूँद २०० म ल पानी माय एक चमच सुबह साम

  3. British Hospitals Reject Homeopathy

    read on the blog above – what are your views about this?

    UK doctors state this ->

    Nearly two years ago, a list of eminent doctors put their names to a letter urging the NHS to stop funding the treatment.

    Michael Baum, a professor emeritus of surgery who organised the campaign, welcomed the news that funding was being cut.

    “The NHS should be putting its money into evidence-based medicine, so this is a good start,” he said.

    “But while people are starting to realise they are being conned by the whole complementary medicine establishment, it will be a long time before we see the back of it.”

    I am a fan of homeopathy & i find this is ridiculous – what do you say !

  4. पिंगबैक: | Menopause Relief

  5. पिंगबैक: Scientific Research in Homeopathy Triple Blind studies, Double-Blind Randomised Placebo-Controlled Trial, Systematic Reviews & Meta Analysis, Evidence-base | होम्योपैथी-नई सोच/नई दिशायें

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