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Remedies for Crying Babies – Newborns

Pipermartin shares her clinical experience with homeopathy about the infants problems . This  article was published in her website   , ” ”

Dr Prabhat Tandon


The Homeopathic Pregnancy Blog

I am going to do a little series on remedies for crying babies because after working with babies for many years I think there are a wide variety of reasons babies express themselves in this way.

Today I would like to focus on the very newborn babies.  The first thing I am curious about is the birth experience.  This type of crying may well have to do with pain from a difficult birth and it is VERY important to look into this with a pediatric chiropractor or a osteopath that has experience working with babies.

Rough handling of the head, neck and jaw can lead to pain and distress for newborns.  In order to nurse effectively they must turn their necks freely and be able to open their jaw wide to latch.  If they have had vacuum, forceps or cesarean delivery then it is very possible that they will need…

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