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Mind map of Chestnut Bud – the learning flower

ChestNut Bud



Inattentive. Repeats the same mistakes again and again; does not learn from past experiences.

Absentminded, prone to road accidents.

Aesculus hippocastanum

1. Tends to repeat the same mistakes, never learns from experience.

2. Has the urge to enter into every new adventure, on a trial and error basis, and the outcome will invariably be the same.

3. Periodic illnesses occurring in an individual.

4. Their behaviour portrays them to be trying to escape from themselves, obsessively refusing to face their past, and their lives together.

5. Attempts to forget unpleasant experiences as quickly as possible.

6. Absentminded and inattentive children.

7. Slow to learn from life, mental blocks, retarded development.

8. Seems naive, awkward, inattentive.

Mind Map of Cherry Plum


  1. शारीरिक और भावात्मक आवेशों पर नियंत्रण का अभाव (Fear of losing one’s mind )
  2. क्रोध और आवेश की स्थिति में अशोभनीय हरकतें , स्वयं से भय ( Fear of loss of control , uncontrolled outbreaks of temper , feels he will become mad )
  3. मानसिक आवेग पागलपन तक

Desperation. Fear of losing his mind’s control over his actions. Can do anything, even kill somebody or kill himself at the spur of the moment, without thinking.

Unbearable condition of the mind. Apt to act on impulse than on reason.

BOTANICAL NAME: Prunus cerasifera

: -People losing their self-control on heading for a breakdown. Desperate, about to have a nervous breakdown.

-Fear of doing something terrible at any moment (something one would never normally do) and then having to regret for it for the rest of one’s life.

-Afraid one is going mad.

-Compulsive ideas, de
outbreaks of rage.

-Destructive impulses, danger of suicide.

-Useful in the treatment of bedwetting in children (self- control of daytime released during sleep, when there is no conscious body control).

-Useful for rehabilitation of drug addicts.