इन्टर्नेट पर होम्योपैथी से संबधित पुस्तकों का अच्छा संग्रह उपलब्ध है । Homeopathy Home Homeopathy Home और   H.I. English ने इस अमूल्य संग्रह को आन लाइन उपलब्ध किया है । इसके अलावा  Dr Vithoulkas  ने भी कई मैटेरिया मेडिका को आनलाइन पढने की सुविधा दी है ।

इस पृष्ठ पर दिये गये लिन्क के अपडेट के लिये समय-२ पर इस पेज से गुजरते रहें ।

(updated on 4-04-2008 )

Source : Homeopathy Home Homeopathy Home ,  H.I. English & Dr Vithoulkas

ALLEN, Henry Clay
Materia Medica of the Nosodesnew
ALLEN, Timothy Field
Allen’s Clinical Hints

The Encyclopaedia of Pure Materia Medica

A primer of Materia Medica
ANSHUTZ, Edward Pollock
New, Old And Forgotten RemediesNew
First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homœopathic Remedies
BIDWELL, Glen Irving
How to use the repertory

Historic sketch of the monument erected in Washington City
Homoeopathic Materia Medica

BOGER, Cyrus Maxwell
General analysis & card index repertory

General Analysis
Studies in the Philosophy of Healing
Boenninghausen’s Characteristics Materia Medica
Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica
BRADFORD, Thomas Lindsley
The life and Letters of S. Hahnemann
Pionners of HomeopathyNew
CAZALET, Sylvain
Articles on homeopathy
Homeopathic remedies: An illustrated guide
Download free for palm
CLARKE, John Henry
A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica
The prescribernew
Hahnemann and Paracelsus
Gunpowder as a War Remedy presented by Dr R. Séror
The 13 remedies of Dr J.H. Clarke by Dr R. Séror
Constitutional medicine
Homoeopathy explained
Cholera, diarrhoea and dysentery
CLEAVE, Egbert
Cleave’s Biographical Cyclopædia of Homœopathic Physicians and Surgeons
CLOSE, Stuart M.
The Genius of Homeopathy
A Text-Book of Materia Medicanew
CURIE, Paul F.
Practice of Homoeopathy

DAYRAUD, Valérie

DEARBORN, Frederick M.
American Homeopathy in the World War

DEWEY, Willis Alonzo
Essentials of Homoeopathic Materia Medica and Homoeopathic Pharmacy
GUERNSEY, Henry Newell
Key-notes to the Materia Medica
Chronic Diseases

HERING, Constantine
The Guiding Symptoms
500 articlesNew
Seven-hundred red line symptoms

JONES, Stacy
The Mnemonic Similiad


The Bowel Nosodes

KENT, James Tyler
Kent’s Repertory of Homeopathic Materia Medica
Kent’s Materia Medica (Reversed Kent’s Repertory)
Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy
New Remedies
Clinical Cases
What the doctor needs to know..
Kent’s Aphorisms and Precepts from extemporaneous lectures
Lesser Writings

KOTOK, Alexander
The history of homeopathy in Russian Empire
LIPPE, Adolph Von
Keynotes of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Articles on homeopathy
The History of the London Homoeopathic Hospital

History of the Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital

British Homeopathy during two centuries
NASH, Eugène Beauharnais
Regional Leaders

Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics

The testimony of the clinic
Leaders in Typhoid Fever
The Bowel Nosodes
ROBERTS, Herbert Alfred
The principles and Art of Cure by Homœopathy
SÉRET, Michel
Photographies du Dr Michel Séret
TALCOTT, Selden Haines
Mental diseases and their modern treatment


Online Materia Medica

Here you can find online versions of Materia Medica by the following homeopaths:


30 responses to “Books:Online

  1. Sir, its a nice collection of books. i am searching for encyclopedia of remedy relationships by Dr.Abdur rehman, pakistan.
    It will be kind of you to give me the details about this book.
    thank you

  2. @ Puneet
    Encyclopedia of Remedy Relationships in Homoeopathy
    Abdur Rehman
    Basing his work on Clarke’s century-old (and monumental in its time) Clinical Relationships, Dr Abdur Rehman of Lahore, Pakistan has spent sixteen years trawling through 274 additional homoeopathic reference books by 180 authors writing in English, German, French and Urdu. The result is undoubtedly the most complete account of remedy relationships ever compiled. He has referenced each observation to its author, giving the user of this book full control in the matter of the reliability of sources, which in such a comprehensive encyclopaedia is bound to be somewhat uneven (although I would not want to throw out a single author).

    The range of information given for each remedy is as complete as the book itself: Miasm, Temperament, Laterality, Related bowel nosode, Duration, [general] Remarks, Foods to be avoided, Foods to be encouraged, Complementary remedies, Followed well by, Inimical, Antidotes, and Collaterals. The references are lavishly annotated with thousands of clinical hints from the various authors. Some of course can be taken with a pinch of salt, but a lot are, quite frankly, gold dust so long as you approach them with common sense and an open materia medica.

  3. Nice Collection Online….. but it lacks books on ORGANON…. isn’t it?
    I hope that u’ll soon make Indian authors like KANJI LAL online so that our Homeopathic fraternity in India & abroad will take benefits of works of our ancestors, the great follwers of Homeopathy.
    Personally I am very thankful to u for ur great efforts.. 🙂

  4. बहुत बिदया सर…

  5. very nice work, aapka blog apane aap me ek encyclopedia hai….

  6. dear sir collection is very good ,failular cases must be submited for study

  7. Aap Ka Blog is very good… I have no knowledge of Homeopathic but i am interest to study with homeopathic in home.. I am 30 year old… Kindly give me link of Hindi or Punjabi based materia Madica i.e. Dr. Gurnam Singh’s Rog Kala…


    Rog ke anusaar medicine ke bare mein jaankari mil jaye… Tatha Padna Aasan Ho kindly arrange…

    Thanks & Regards


  8. Very good collection of Homeopathic Materia Medica. I wish that all works of Homeopathic writers should be free on net like allopathic information so that it may lead all pathy of treatment.

  9. homeopathic ki hindi ebooks kau se sed par hai. krapa bataye

  10. More materia medica books may be loaded.

  11. Good approach to Homoeopathy in our Rastra Bhasha.
    23,Mini Shopping Complex,Phase- II
    (avas sangh Parsar) KALPANA NAGER,
    BHOPAL. M.P.- 462022

  12. this is very good collection please add books on organon

  13. it is really exellent thaks a lot

  14. I have so many patient, she is suffuring from a habit to handwash & she have a mania that something filthy attached with my hand. no any medicine are suited for it . Have you any solution . if it is curative then you send me advice at my email.

  15. Dear Dr Gautam ,
    you have asked ,

    I have so many patient, she is suffuring from a habit to handwash & she have a mania that something filthy attached with my hand. no any medicine are suited for it . Have you any solution . if it is curative then you send me advice at my email.

    these type of disorders come under OCN .Read the post : the treatment is difficult but is curable under homeopathic treatment . Proper individualization of the case should be taken in selection of the medicine . These type of disorders are primarily due to syphilitic miasm & in some cases psoric too makes the cases complicated . In one of my case after a long course of Nat Mur in high potency given infrequently results in appearance of psoriasis & dsappearance of OCN symptoms .
    If you search synthesis repertory & complete repertory the various symptoms are presented with different gradings .These may be helpful but again proper case taking with priority to mental symtoms will result in complete eradication of this disease .
    The main rubrics under obscession are taken from ‘complete repertory’. The grading of symptoms is given according to the most effective use in such condition.

    Busy:Tying shoes, fumbling in pockets, picking threads etc,:
    Total Drugs :1

    2 Kali-bi :Kali bichromicum

    Compulsive disorders:
    Total Drugs :22

    3 Nux-v :Nux vomica
    2 Ars :Arsenicum album
    1 Anh :Anhalonium lewinii
    1 Arg-n :Argentum nitircum
    1 Calc :Calcarea carbonica Hahnemanii
    1 Carc :Carcinosin Burnett
    1 Caust :Causticum Hahnemanii
    1 Con :Conium maculatum
    1 Cupr :Cuprum metallicum
    1 Foll :Folliculinum
    1 Iod :Iodium
    1 Kali-c :Kali carbonicum
    1 Lyss :Lyssinum; Hydrophobinum
    1 Manc :Mancinella venenata
    1 Merc :Mercurius solubilis hahnemanni
    1 Nat-m :Natrum muriaticum
    1 Pin-s : Pinus sylvestris; Pine (Bach flower)
    1 Rat :Ratanhia peruviana
    1 Rhus-t :Rhus toxicodendron
    1 Sulph :Sulphur
    1 Syph :Syphilinum
    1 Tub :Tuberculinum bovinum kent

    Total Drugs :6

    1 Arg-n :Argentum nitircum
    1 Cand-a :Candida albicans
    1 Hyos :Hyoscyamus niger
    1 Phys : Physostigma venenosa
    1 Sil :Silicea; Silica terra
    1 Verat :Veratrum album

    Total Drugs :1

    1 Sulph :Sulphur

    Counting:Continually:Things in the room:
    Total Drugs :1

    1 Phys : Physostigma venenosa

    Fills pockets with anything:
    Total Drugs :1

    1 Stram :Stramonium

    Gestures, makes:Actions, repeated:
    Total Drugs :1

    1 Chen-a :Chenopodium anthelminticus

    New:Do anything, cannot:
    Total Drugs :1

    1 Agar :Agaricus muscarius; Amanita muscaria

    Break things, desire to:Pins:
    Total Drugs :1

    3 Bell :Belladonna

    Repeats same things:
    Total Drugs :5

    1 Chen-a :Chenopodium anthelminticus
    1 Germ :Germanium metallicum
    1 Lach :Lachesis
    1 Plat : Platinum metallicum
    1 Zinc :Zincum metallicum

    Rest:Cannot, when things are not in proper place:
    Total Drugs :5

    2 Ars :Arsenicum album
    1 Anac :Anacardiun orientale
    1 Carc :Carcinosin Burnett
    1 Sep :Sepia succus
    1 Sulph :Sulphur

    Washing:Cleanness, mania for
    Total Drugs :4
    1 Ars :Arsenicum album
    1 Sep :Sepia succus
    1 Sil :Silicea; Silica terra
    1 Sulph :Sulphur

    Religious affections:Mania:Praying all the time:
    Total Drugs :1
    2 Aur :Aurum metallicum

    Washing:Always:Underwear, her
    Total Drugs :1

    1 Syph :Syphilinum

    Washing:Always:Hands, her:
    Total Drugs :14

    2 Lac-c :Lac caninum
    2 Med :Medorrhinum
    2 Nat-m :Natrum muriaticum
    2 Sulph :Sulphur
    1 Ars :Arsenicum album
    1 Coca :Coca
    1 Cur :Curare woorari
    1 Merc :Mercurius solubilis hahnemanni
    1 Plat : Platinum metallicum
    1 Psor : Psorinum
    1 Sep :Sepia succus
    1 Sil :Silicea; Silica terra
    1 Syph :Syphilinum
    1 Thuj :Thuja occidentalis

    Washing:Always:Face, her:
    Total Drugs :1

    1 Puls : Pulsatilla nigricans; Anemone pratensis

    Washing:Bathing, mania for:
    Total Drugs :1

    1 Zea-i :Zea italica

    Touch things, impelled to:
    Total Drugs :10

    2 Merc :Mercurius solubilis hahnemanni
    2 Thuj :Thuja occidentalis
    1 Bell :Belladonna
    1 Canth :Cantharis vesicatoria; Meloe vesicatorius
    1 Carc :Carcinosin Burnett
    1 Cina :Cina Maritima; Artemisia maritima
    1 Hyos :Hyoscyamus niger
    1 Lycps :Lycopus virginicus
    1 Sac-alb :Saccharum officinale
    1 Sulph :Sulphur

    Touch things, impelled to:Children, in:
    Total Drugs :2

    2 Cina :Cina Maritima; Artemisia maritima
    1 Carc :Carcinosin Burnett

    Thoughts (see fancies, ideas):Persistent:Hedgehogs,
    (small spiny animal)
    1 Choc

    Thoughts Persistent:Homicide:
    1 Calc
    1 Iod
    1 Op
    1 Phos
    1 Stram

    Thoughts Repetition, of:
    1 Lam
    1 Mag mur
    1 Stram

    Talk, talking, talks :Sufferings, troubles, constantly of his
    1 Arg n
    1 Asaf
    1 Zinc
    1 Germ
    1 Kreo
    1 Lach
    1 Lap-c-b
    1 Plat

    prabhat tandon

  16. Sir Nice blog. When u publish any hoemoeopathy article just infrom me.

  17. Dear sir, with due respect please send me information about the avaibility of book written by Dr Hering Constantine in hindi version. With thanks. Dr. S.Prasad ANAND HOMOEO CLINIC konra ,near barhi p.s. .barhi. Hazaribag .jharkhand -825405

  18. Its a great collection.
    Will use it frequently.

  19. Kindly inform me as to where can I get free homoeopathy hindi books on line/ free download

  20. Kindly inform me as to where can I get free homoeopathy hindi books on line/ free download

  21. Thank you Dr. Tondon.

    Your information about Dr. Abdur Rehmans Encyclopedia is very good. I would like to know from where can I get this book. Is it available as free downloads?
    I have stopped receiving your news letters as mails,
    though I have not unsuscribed.

  22. very nice collection of books…..
    please sir add Clark m.m. and some therapeutic books.

  23. these books along with number of other books in pdb format shall soon be added …

  24. Respected sir,
    There is no doubt that these are the nice collection of knowledge and shows your extreme devotion. But I am looking for complete materia medica and repertory in hindi, if possible please provide else minimum mind section of repertory must in hindi.

  25. dr maqsood homoeopathic clinic londen plaza G -9 markaz islamabad

    i am very glad this side is very help full for clinicly.

  26. such a great collection of book, will be very helpful to anykind.

  27. hello sir
    plz tell me what is use of CYDONIA VULGARIS 30 CH

  28. Hello, I want to buy a Hindi copy (printed) of Allen’s keynotes for my grandfather. Could you help me find one? Thank you so much!

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