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एन्ड्रोएड स्मार्ट्फ़ोन्स और टैबलैट के लिये कुछ नये होम्योपैथिक एपलीकेशन( some new Homeopathic apps for Android Smart phones and tablets )

पिछ्ली  पोस्ट  एन्ड्रोएड स्मार्ट्फ़ोन्स और टैबलैट के लिये होम्योपैथिक एपलीकेशन( Homeopathic apps for Android Smart phones and tablets ) मे हमने कई नये और उपयोगी एपलीकेशन की जानकारी ली थी जो एन्ड्रोएड स्मार्ट्फ़ोन्स और टैबलैट पर प्रभावी और सुचारु रुप से काम करते हैं । एक बार फ़िर याद दिला दूँ यह एपलिकेशन निम्म थे : ( पूरी जानकारी के लिये देखें  :

१. मैटिरिया मेडिका लाइट ( Materia Medica Lite )

. Bach Remedy Resource (New)

३.PDB फ़ाइलों के लिये  बहुउपयोगी एपलीकेशन iSilo

४. PDF फ़ाइलों के लिये एलडिको (Aldiko)

इस बार दो नये होमयोपैथिक एपलिकेशन की जानकारी लेगें जिसमें एक निशुल्क है और दूसरा काफ़ी कम दामॊ पर उपल्ब्ध है । दोनों ही एपलीकेश्गन Mnd Technologies के हैं ।

Homeopathic Clinical Tips Lite

homeopathy   clinicaltips elite

The World’s First Mobile App on Homoeopathic Clinical Tips
Optimism, conquest & the miracle of Homoeopathy with quick solutions…..
Mind Technologies’ first mobile app on homoeopathic clinical tips gives you a deep insight into the clinical practice of high intelligence and effective results.
Clinical tip is a comprehensive suggestion of a clinical condition which many physicians and practitioners over the years have seen results for. These physicians have taken the pain of documenting these results, observations, annotations, experiences etc. in the form of a concise and effective suggestion for the clinical conditions handled by them. They have shared their observation, interpretation and experiences with us.
• Browse and search from more than 500 clinical tips.
• Add clinical tips as your favourite and build your own database which will be useful in your practice.
• Treat difficult cases with clinically proven Remedies.
• They are based on experiences or taken from homeopathic literature.
• Use it in your practice & report Results.
• This provides you with abundant amazing solutions for your homoeopathic requirements through succinct suggestion.
– Clinical tip will represent in the following order in apps.
Remedy full name
Clinical condition
Clinical Tip
– A clinical tip helps practitioners and students in homoeopathy:-
1. It is a platform for beginners to learn new scientific techniques in homoeopathy.
2. It is a platform where homoeopaths use these handy clinical tips in their regular practice and study effectiveness of remedies.
3. It is a platform for students to build a solid base to be a successful practitioner in future.
Homoeopaths can use these constructive tips in solving cases. Clinical tips helps to lessen efforts and saves time of homoeopaths. It is undeniably helpful for the beginners and burgeoning open homeopaths.
Knowledge of homoeopathic Materia Medica and drugs with clinical tips makes for a clever understanding of the Homoeopathic art and science of prescribing.
Expert team of doctors working on clinical research works on these analogies to build our system to provide the humankind and to comprehend the methodical efficiency of Homoeopathy.
All homoeopathic students will definitely appreciate and learn therapeutic knowledge of homoeopathic drugs with the help of handy clinical tips.

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Experience the World’s First Interactive Multimedia Mobile Application on Homeopathic Materia Medica!

There are thousands of books written on the Homeopathic Materia Medica… books on Pure Materia Medica, Clinical Materia Medica, Physiological Materia Medica, Toxicological Materia, even Softwares…
The list is endless…!
But have you seen any software showing you a homeopathic remedy in Action??? Now you can!
MM LIVE is a living Materia Medica application where every remedy is brought to life.
Download this amazing learning tool now to expand your understanding and perception of various remedies in the form of personality profiles.

• Complete Multimedia Videos of Materia Medica of 22 Homeopathic Remedies
• Organized Evolutionary Charts of 22 Remedies
• Extremely user friendly interface for easy & quick navigation

Remedies included:
1. Agaricus
2. Platina
3. China Officinalis
4. Tarentula Cubensis
5. Gratiola Officinalis
6. Niccolum
7. Vanadium
8. Cannabis Sativa
9. Palladium
10. Germanium
11. Stramonium
12. Tellurium
13. Opium
14. Cannabis Indica
15. Selenium
16. Elaterium
17. Tarentula Hispanica
18. Moschus
19. Veratrum Album
20. Oenanthe Crocata
21. Medorrhinum
22. Manganum

• Understand the remedy just like in a live human being and get a multidimensional perspective.
• Visualize the Similimum easier when your patient is in front of you.
• Enhance your knowledge of Materia Medica so that you are better prepared to prescribe accurately and perfectly.
• Demystify the Core Essence of remedies for better retention and recollection.

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