थैलेसिमिया के रोगियों में होम्योपैथिक औषधियों की सफ़ल भूमिका – ( a preliminary study of the additional benefits to Thalassemic Patients on Hydroxyurea Therapy through homeopathy )



 थैलेसिमिया के रोगियों मे होम्योपैथिक औषधियों की भूमिका पर प्रकाश डालता हुआ यह शोध पत्र थैलेसिमिया के रोगियों मे एक नयी  रोशनी दे सकता है । ३८ रोगियों मे जिनमे  पहले से ही हाइड्रोक्सी-यूरिया लेने के बावजूद लाभ दिखाई नही दे रहा था , उनमे होम्योपैथिक औषधियाँ पल्साटिला ३० , फ़ेरम मेटिलकम ३० और सियोनेथस ३० या ६ को होम्योपैथिक सिद्द्दातं  ( similia similibus curentur ) के अनुसार दिया गया और परिणाम सार्थक दिखे ।

साभार : Oxford journal , The CAM Report

Can Homeopathy Bring Additional Benefits to Thalassemic
Patients on Hydroxyurea Therapy? Encouraging Results of
a Preliminary Study

Antara Banerjee1, Sudipa Basu Chakrabarty2, Susanta Roy Karmakar1,
Amit Chakrabarty2, Surjyo Jyoti Biswas1, Saiful Haque1, Debarsi Das1, Saili Paul1,
Biswapati Mandal3, Boujedaini Naoual4, Philippe Belon4 and
Anisur Rahman Khuda-Bukhsh1

1Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology Laboratory, Department of Zoology, University of Kalyani, Kalyani-741 235,
2Institute of Genetic Engineering, 30 Thakurhat Road, Badu, Kolkata-700 128, 3Directorate of Research, Bidhan
Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Kalyani, West Bengal, India and 4Boiron Laboratory, 20 Rue de la Liberation,
Sainte-Foy-Les-Lyon, France

Source : Oxford journal , The CAM Report


The researchers say yes, particularly in the developing world where blood transfusions suffer from inadequate screening and fall short of the stringent safety standards followed in the developed countries.

First, the details.

  • 38 thalassemic patients received hydroxyurea therapy for a varying periods. Several homeopathic remedies, namely, Pulsatilla Nigricans (30th potency), Ceanothus
    Americanus (both mother tincture and 6th potency) and Ferrum Metallicum (30th potency)
    selected as per similia principles were administered to 38 thalassemic patients receiving
    Hydroxyurea (HU) therapy for a varying period of time.
  • The patients were studied before and after treatment. Levels of serum ferritin (SF), fetal
    hemoglobin (HbF), hemoglobin (Hb), platelet count (PC), mean corpuscular volume (MCV),
    mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC), mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH),
    white blood cell (WBC) count, bilirubin content, alanine amino transferase (ALT), aspartate
    amino transferase (AST) and serum total protein content of patients were determined before
    and 3 months after administration of the homeopathic remedies in combination with HU to
    evaluate additional benefits, if any, derived by the homeopathic remedies, by comparing the
    data with those of 38 subjects receiving only HU therapy.

And, the results.

  • There was a significant decrease in the ferritin blood levels (a complex that stores iron for use in metabolism) and an increase in fetal hemoglobin levels (oxygen-carrying pigment of red blood cells) during combined treatments.
  • Changes in other lab values were not significant.
  • There was a significant decrease in size of spleen in most patients with enlarged spleens.
  • General health improved and there was an increase in the time between transfusions in most patients receiving the combined homeopathic treatment.

The bottom line?
The authors concluded, “Homeopathic remedies being inexpensive and without any known side-effects seem to have great potentials in bringing additional benefits to thalassemic patients.”


8 responses to “थैलेसिमिया के रोगियों में होम्योपैथिक औषधियों की सफ़ल भूमिका – ( a preliminary study of the additional benefits to Thalassemic Patients on Hydroxyurea Therapy through homeopathy )

  1. In my opinion, there is more need of the similar and several trials on the same line, which have been adopted by the researchers. But the trials should be fair and true and not fabricated for research for researches. What is happening in Indian Universities ? In every field of research, malpractices are going on for obtaining the degrees. Many times academecians felt their anxiety over these fake, copied, stollen etc research works and many of them are not upto the lowest standard level. My opinion is here, that students of Homoeopathy, who are doing their MD, they should come forward and work on. The problem is here that research work, if undertaken by any individual physician, can not get any financial aids, though he wish by heart to do research on any subjects matters , comparatively to those who do researches, financed by related institution, submittes research work for the sake of financial aids or promotion in their services.

  2. seems to be a good article,but being an allopathic doctor i wont go to much for homeopathy.only from one research it cant be proved.may be upto small extent these homeoathy medicines may help,but stil have left a question of doubt in my mind.

  3. but if its less expensive and helps realy these thalasemic pts,it will be nice.

  4. @ Mehekk,
    Ceanothus has a selective action in the spleenic affections .

    This remedy seems to possess a specific relation to the spleen. Ague cake of malaria. A left-sided remedy generally. Anæmic patients where liver and spleen are at fault. Chronic bronchitis with profuse secretion. Marked blood pressure, reducing powers. Active hemastatic, materially reducing the clotting of blood.

    Abdomen.–Enormous enlargement of the spleen. Splenitis; pain all up the left side. Deep-seated pain in left hypochondrium, hypertrophy of spleen. Leucæmia. Violent dyspnœa. Menses profuse, and yellow weakening leucorrhœa. Unable to lie on left side. Pain in liver and back.

  5. hello sir
    This is informative and helpfull post and it is also because it is in Hindi. I am searching for the causes and symptoms of the same post.

  6. sir
    In case of Thalasemia patient help homeopathy medicine accoding homeopathy treatment
    Fer matalicum 0/1,0/3,0/9 potency effective with herble green grass
    Dr Harshad Raval MD[hom]
    Honorary consultant homeopathy physician to his Excellency governors of Gujarat India. Qualified MD consultant homeopath ,International Homeopathy adviser, books writer and columnist. Specialist in kidney, cancer, psoriasis, leucoderma and other chronic disease,

  7. how is useful homeopathic in thalassaemia? which treatment is useful in it? some ideas for this patient. and whose dr. is give resultable treatment for thalassaemia in homeopathic.

  8. पिंगबैक: Scientific Research in Homeopathy Triple Blind studies, Double-Blind Randomised Placebo-Controlled Trial, Systematic Reviews & Meta Analysis, Evidence-base | होम्योपैथी-नई सोच/नई दिशायें

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