ऐनोसड्रस गायों में ओस्सेट्रोस इन्डकशन पर होम्योपैथी रिसर्च (Effect of a Homeopathic complex on oestrus induction and hormonal profile in anoestrus cows)


इज्जतनगर , बरेली के भारतीय वेटेनिरी संस्थान मे हुये  ऐनोसट्र्स गायों में  ओस्सेट्रोस इन्डकशन पर  होम्योपैथी  रिसर्च चौकानें वाले हैं । हाँलाकि यह रिसर्च क्लासिकल होम्योपैथी से हटकर है लेकिन फ़िर भी इसकी महत्ता को कम नही आँका जा सकता है । इस प्रयोग के लिये छ्ह ऐनोसट्र्स गायों को ओस्ट्रेस इन्डक्शन ( oestrus induction )  के लिये चुना गया जिनमे heat नही के बराबर थी । होम्योपैथिक औषधियाँ जिनमें कैल्कैरिया फ़ास ३०, ऐलेटिर्स फ़ैरीनोसा ३०, पल्साटिला ३० , औरम म्यूर नैट्रोनैटम ३० , सीपिया ३० और फ़ास्फ़ोरस ३० को समिश्रित करके १५ गोली सुबह और शाम दस दिन तक दी गयी । इस ग्रुप के द्वारा  सीरम ओस्सेट्रोजन का कन्सट्रेशन पहले की तुलना ((11.71±2.06 pg/ml) से बढकर (20.88±5.60 to 27.80±7.28 pg/ml) तक जा पहुँचा और कहना न होगा कि सब गायों ने गर्भ धारण किया ।  यह मिश्रण न सिर्फ़ कामयाब रहा बल्कि कीमत के दृष्टिकोण से भी बहुत कम रहा ।


Effect of a Homeopathic complex on oestrus induction and hormonal profile in anoestrus cows

Division of Animal Reproduction, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly, Utter Pradesh, India 

This study was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of a homeopathic complex in the management of true anoestrus in crossbred cows. Six anoestrus cows were treated with a homeopathic complex (Calcarea phosphorica 30c, Aletris farinosa 30c, Pulsatilla 30c, Aurum muriaticum natronatum 30c, Sepia 30c and Phosphorus 30c in equal proportion, 15 pills twice daily orally for 10 days). Six animals acted as control without any treatment.

Treatment was 100% effective in inducing oestrus in anoestrus cows with mean interval of 27.5±5.3 days. All animals conceived and overall conception rate was 54.5% with 1.83 services per conception. In the homeopathic complex treated group, increased serum oestradiol concentration (20.88±5.60 to 27.80±7.28 pg/ml) was observed compared to the pretreatment (11.71±2.06 pg/ml) and control value (10.43±1.77 to 13.94±3.14 pg/ml). The homeopathic complex medicine may be effective and economical in the treatment of true anoestrus condition in cows.

चिट्ठाजगतहोम्योपैथी, homeopathy


5 responses to “ऐनोसड्रस गायों में ओस्सेट्रोस इन्डकशन पर होम्योपैथी रिसर्च (Effect of a Homeopathic complex on oestrus induction and hormonal profile in anoestrus cows)

  1. यह तो बहुत ही टेक्निकल बात चल रही है. सॉरी, डिस्टर्ब किया.

  2. A wonderful information….one thing which is important that in such case nobody has courage to say that its only PLACEBO EFFECT….keep posting such EYE-OPENERS…

  3. par kaya combinaion prog aap hmoeopathy kahenge? kaa oi bhi homoepathic medicine ka Organan ke biprit prayog sahi hai?

  4. its again an encouraging news and moral boosting to new commers who ‘h less confidance in their pathy.
    this combination all ready mentioned in a paper publish by E.G.Jhon in BJH, few years back too.
    its also do confirm in one AHML seminar held in DELHI in 1996,by some dr from Calcutta too.
    any how on net you first time introduce in hindi.
    hope other physician and new commers too learn by it.
    thank ‘s drprabhat ji u once again proved…AUDE SEPHERE dare to be wise to speak truth…!

  5. Use of homoeopathy in Veterinary practice is, of course, beneficial. Veterinarians doing efforts for this way of treatment are doing an appreciable job. May God bless all of you.

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