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’प्रतिसाद ’ Pratisaad –a Marathi movie with a journey of a Homeopathic Doctor

‘Pratisaad’ is a Journey of a Homeopathic Doctor Aditya Deshmukh. Story unfolds during a Live Television Interview. This Journey Includes Struggle of this Doctor with the Patients, Media, Police & people around and how he goes on to prove his Treatment & Homeopathy a reliable & proven science.


Producers: Dr. Vijaysinha Amarsinha Nikam
Co-Producers: Dr. Suchitra Nikam, Dr. Manish Nikam
Ex-Producers: Y. D. G. Films ( Amey Lagwankar )
Director: Yogesh Dattataraya Gosavi
Concept: Dr. Amarsinha Nikam
Screenplay: Gautam – Tejas
Music: Rohit Nagbhide
Cast: Sandeep Kulkarni, Kishore Kadam, Neelam Shirke, Anand Alkunte, Siddheshwar Zadbuke, Jayant Savarkar, Suneel Tawade, Pragati Joshi, Nlilambari, Pratibha Date…

‘Pratisaad- The Response’ holds on to the truth
‘The tongue has no bone and it wiggles more against the celebrities than the common man.’ The more you are popular and a celebrity, you are bound to be targeted by your opponents by way of criticism. This is a common observation and the success of homeopathy treatment and their practicing doctors are no exception to such controversies.

Today, Marathi films are coming up with new ideas based on realities in life and the audience is ready for it. ‘Pratisaad-The Response’ the latest released film has come out with a revolutionary theme, which has been converted into a full length feature film by director Yogesh Dattatray Gosavi. In fact, it is the first film in the world on the backdrop of Homeopathy treatment and its success. Moreover, the film is based on a real life story of practicing Homeopath – Dr. Vijaysinha Amarsinha Nikam, who is also the producer of this film.

In the film, Dr. Aditya ( Sandeep Kulkarni) , a leading Homeopathy practitioner with his full fledged hospital, is challenged by a phone call in the midst of a live TV interview series. The caller – Sarjerao (Kishore Kadam) accuses him of using fraudulent means of treatment and the TV host on the suggestion of his Programme producer, flares up the issue by asking Dr. Aditya to react on the media reports quoting Homeopathy as ‘fake science’. Needless to say that the media furore follows, giving a new twist to this debate for higher TRP’s..

Sandeep Kulkarni in pratisaad

The law soon steps in and you find a Police officer investigating the case, on a complaint received from Sarjerao. In comes Ms. Renu( Neelam Shirke) posing herself as Journalist and she too carries her investigation, much to the satisfaction of the doctor, who at that point is feeling dejected by such allegations, in spite of his sincerity to his profession. His motivation at that stage is also his better half (Nilambari) who keeps on reminding him that ‘Truth always wins’. Finally, Dr. Aditya wins his battle, when Ms. Renu reveals the truth in a climax, during the second part of the live TV show.
The overall effort of the director to present this theme has been good. Very cleverly, he has tried to focus on the Doctor-Patient relationship i.e. more than treating the disease, the medicine treats the patient. The screenplay also highlights the role played by a committed doctor to convince effectively the close relative of the patient and that is the real strength of the film. After all, it is the attitude of the patient’s relatives that is to be handled well. However, in this film, in spite of his best efforts, the doctor fails to convince an adamant Sarjerao, for obvious reasons, which are disclosed at the end of the film.
‘Pratisaad-the Response’ is a path breaking film, which not only creates awareness about the treatment of Homeopathy but also goes beyond the traditional therapy, revealing certain facts. Sandeep Kulkarni as Dr. Aditya is very impressive. Watching his emotions in that climax scene at the TV studio, while admitting how much of faith his wife had in him, clearly proves his class. Kishore kadam, another talented actor has supported him well in the role of Sarjero. Neelam Shirke as Ms. Renu, does an excellent job, with a good support coming from other artistes. All the hospital scenes have been captured well. One background song has been used at the appropriate place. Editing work is satisfactory. Photography is good, but there are too many close ups in the film and those repeatedly used are of the male TV host for no particular reason. Barring that lapse, the film is well presented with the hope of getting international recognition for dealing effectively with an universal theme.