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Mind Map Of Mimulus

SimpleMind Mind Map - Mimulus ( मिमुल्स ) (1)

ज्ञात भय , घबराहाट , झिझक , किसी चीज का डर ।

भय संबधित दवाओं मे मिमुल्स विशॆष स्थान रखती है । इस ग्रुप की अन्य दवायें हैं :

SimpleMind Mind Map - डर ( Fear )

ऐसपेन : अज्ञात चीजों का डर

मिमुलस : ज्ञात चीजों का डर

राकरोज : आतंक संबधित डर

चेरी प्लम : स्वंय से डर

रेड चेस्ट नट : मित्रॊ और प्रियजनों के लिये डर



Fear of anything -of dogs, snakes, cancer, any person, ghost, examination etc. Nervousness from speaking in public,
from walking alone in dark, from appearing before a Selection Board. Nervousness and fear of a known origin.

Sensitive people may blush, stammer or get their throat suddenly choked in the presence of strangers or may start talking fast out of sheer nervousness, although they are normally quiet.

: Mimulus guttatus

: -Concrete, specific, endless fears and phobias.

-Shy, reserved, timid, afraid of the world.

-Want to withdraw from this world, feel life on earth is like a burden on their backs.

-Afraid to be alone, but shy and nervous in company.

-Very anxious when meeting with opposition.

-Delicate build and very sensitive physically.

-Unsure of oneself, apt to stammer, blush or talk far too much, giggle nervously, or suffer from damp palms of the hands from sheer nervousness.

-Usually peaceable.

-They fall ill if the pressure gets too great, develop headaches, cystitis.

-Tend to be over careful in convalescence and with this delay the process of recovery.

: -Compare-Aspen (vague fears)
-Rock rose (very acute fears bordering on terror).