Cuba to officially use new homeopathic medicine PrevengHo® Vir against COVID-19

Santa Clara, Cuba, April 3,2020 (Prensa Latina):

The homeopathic medicine Prevengho-VIR was being administered as a measure to confront the COVID -19 in this province of Central Cuba.


Dr Mirtha Rosa Hernandez
, Head of the Department of the Elderly in Villa Clara, reported that the supply of the preparation began in the Grandparents’ Homes and Elderly Homes of the territory, which has 184,000 people over 60 years old, 23.9 percent of the local universe. The medicine is administered by doctors and nurses of the basic working group where the Grandparents’ Homes and Nursing Homes are located in the 13 municipalities of this province.
This homeopathic medicine comes in a 10-milliliter bottle, and the daily dosage is 5 drops, thrice a day; while on the tenth day a reactivation of the initial dose is performed. It is aimed at preventing the respiratory diseases in this risk group, in addition to other medical conditions, such as dengue.
In the upcoming days it will be extended to the Maternal Homes. It is administered by the doctors and the nurses from the basic work group of the senior homes.
She said, that besides avoiding the new Coronavirus the formula is also aimed at preventing respiratory diseases in this risk group, in addition to others such as dengue fever.
This medicine can also be administered to children under 10 years old, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and patients with liver disorders.

Combination Medicine: It contains SEVEN DRUGS, Anas berberiae 200, Baptisia tinctora 200, Bacillinum 30, Pyrogenum 200, Eupatorium perf 200, Influezinum 200 and Arsenicum Album 200!



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