7 anti aging bach flowers remedies ( Guest post by Dew drop )

The better you feel emotionally, the better your body is able to function. You feel stronger, you have more stamina, you are more flexible, and you are able to relax and sleep well – you feel YOUNGER.

Taking the right Bach Flower Remedy helps you to look and feel younger by reducing stress and anxiety, making you feel more relaxed, happy and at ease in your daily activities. You will find that as you feel better emotionally you will begin to feel better about yourself and in time you will also notice physical changes that reflect your new more positive state of mind.

Take a look at these 7 Anti-Ageing Bach Flowers and see if you can recognize yourself in any (or all) of them. Those that are most likely to help you are the ones that seem to be an obvious match to you, and also those that you feel very strongly are not you are worth looking at too as they may point to a more unconscious pattern. The key is that you will feel quite strongly – either way. Have fun with this as you can not get it wrong, if you choose the “wrong” Bach Flower it will simply not work. I feel that with a little information on Bach Flowers most people know intuitively what will benefit them.

Crab Apple

As we age we can feel that we are no longer perfect, something that a Crab Apple person cannot stand, and so they will make constant (futile) attempts to fix what they see as being wrong. All this stems from lack of self-love. Crab Apple makes it easier to be kinder, more forgiving and loving to yourself. You will no longer feel compelled to try and live up to some impossibly high standard and you will also discover that you are better than you thought!


A preoccupation with the past and a feeling that “it was better back then” are clear calls for Honeysuckle. Physically, Honeysuckle will sometimes manifest as fluid retention, constipation, and sagging skin. Can you remember how you felt when you were young? How much time did you spend looking back and reminiscing versus just enjoying life or looking forward eagerly? When you hold onto the past there is less space in your life for the new fresh energy that keeps you youthful. The Bach Flower Essence Honeysuckle helps you to let go of the past – and to focus happily either here and now or forward.


Self-confidence can diminish with age, but it doesn’t need to. If you feel that you are growing less self-assured with age then Larch will help you to feel more confident in all areas of your life, and when you feel confident, your age becomes irrelevant to you and others.


None of us move through life without encountering stress, but some are better than others at letting it go.Vervain is the great stress buster and can relieve muscular tension where it is the result of consistent stress and strain. Vervain will help you to wind down, chill out, and take life a little less seriously. It will also reduce any tendency you may have to be a bit (maybe even a lot) extreme in your focus and activities.


Walnut is about change and adjustment, letting go of the old and moving into the new. It will help you to adjust to the changes associated with aging and is especially helpful during age related periods of transition like menopause, retirement, death of parents and children leaving home etc.

Wild Rose

Lack of interest in life and constant fatigue are good indicators that you would benefit from taking Wild Rose. Physically you may see paleness, dark rings under the eyes and lackluster skin. The effect of Wild Rose is energizing, renewing your interest in life. It restores a youthful feeling of positive expectation in what the future will bring and it also brings a welcome increase in physical energy.


Sagging lines on the face come from sagging thoughts in the mind. Resentment of Life.

Louise Hay, Heal Your Body

This statement clearly points to the Bach Flower Willow, the remedy for resentment, a feeling that other people and life, in general, has treated you unfairly. You may not be able to see this in yourself because these things can be subtle or even almost unconscious. Look carefully at yourself and if you can find even a trace of it in you, consider taking the Bach Flower Willow. Physical Symptoms of a chronic willow state can include lines around the mouth and lower back pain.
Did you recognize even a little of yourself in any of those?

Try bach flowers & experience the difference .

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