Mind map of Chicory – the motherliness flower



Selfish. Always keeps self interest in view, possessive; undue expectations from others; self-pity if she does not get full attention. Always wants to get and to possess, never wants to give.

BOTANICAL NAME: Cichorium intybus


  1. Conditional love. Forcing good deeds on their dear ones.
  2. -Possessive, excessively interfering, secretly manipulating. Emotional blackmail.
  3. -Expect a great deal of others, demanding full support from those around, otherwise lapsing into self pity.
  4. -Domineering, demanding a lot, egoistic.
  5. -Watching over the needs, wishes and progress of the family and friends.
  6. -They like to have a kind of possessive pride in the feelings and the lives of their dear ones.
  7. -Always demanding attention from the family with tears of vexation when left alone.
  8. -Criticizing, correcting.
  9. -Find it hard to
    -Hysterical symptoms. Exaggerates misery to gain sympathy.
  10. -They have a deep lack of fulfillment, an inner emptiness, often a feeling of being unwanted and never having been properly loved. Childhood devoid of love.
  11. -There is a feeling of inner uncertainty and a fear of all kinds of losses.
  12. -They may shy from physical contact with others.

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