Mind map of Cerato – the intuition flower

Mind map of Cerato


CERATO [Cerato]

Distrust of one’s own judgment. Inner uncertainty.

Lack of confidence in one’s own decisions.

Ceratostigma willmottiana

1. Fails to be guided by his inner voice. Asks others’ opinion about his personal problems, is confused on getting their conflicting views and usually opts for the wrong choice, then laments after discovering that his own judgment was after all correct. Meanwhile he made a nuisance of himself by asking frivolous questions from others.

2. Doubts the correctness of one’s own decisions, failure to trust one’s intuition.

3. Hoards knowledge but does not use it.

4. Needs the approval of others, identity is weak.

5. Changeable.

6. Constantly getting on nerves of others with their questions concerning subjective problems and minor issues.

7. Lacks the trust in others, not trusting his own judgment.

8. Cerato stimulates the dream life and dreams are remembered better.

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