Mind map of Aspen – the psychic flower

Mind map of Aspen


ASPEN [Aspen]

Apprehensions, unfounded, groundless, vague fears. Fears without any rhyme or reason, at any time of day and night.

BOTANICAL NAME:Populus tremuloides

1. Mortally afraid of something, he knows not what.

2. Extreme cases of fear cause trembling, sweating, fluttery sensation in the stomach, an eerie kind of feeling slowly creeping up the back, goose-flesh, sleep-walking or talking and nightmares.

3. Haunted by fear but cannot do anything about it.

4. Panic stricken by unfounded fears, have no explanations for them.

5. May have a nervous, superstitious fascination for occult and magical concepts.

6. May be used for the treatment of alcoholics who are caught up in obsessional ideas, for women who have been raped, and for children who have been abused.

Follows Well : Cann-i, Canth.

Compare : Gaul, Pop-c, Salin.

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