Mind map of Agrimony – the honesty flower

simplemind mind map - simplemind mind map - एग्रिमनी ( agrimony )1294294812..jpg



‘Weeps inside, laughs outside’.

Concealing inner torturing thoughts, turbulence and restlessness behind a mask of cheerfulness, jocularity and freedom from care. ‘Always smiling’.

Agrimonia eupatoria

1. Agrimony states develop in individuals when the childhood home has been much geared to polite society standards, with the children brought up from their early days to ‘keep smiling’. Their tears dry quickly. Secret inner pain and feelings of loneliness.

2. They are the ones not wanting to be aware of, or not to show, what goes beneath the surface. The surface has to appear perfect, even if chaos may reign beneath.

3. Always present a brave, cheerful, carefree face to the world though inwardly troubled by anxieties and fears.

4. Full of worries, yet they would rather bite off their tongues than show their feelings.

5. They have a great desire for harmony and peace.

6. Make sacrifices and avoid confrontations.

7. They drown their sorrows in a glass of wine or resort to drugs; or look out for excitement, entertainment and variety of any kind.

8. Sociable, in order to forget troubles in good company.

9. They are very receptive and easily distracted.

10. They refuse to recognize, or pretend that the less pleasant side simply does not exist. Hence the conflict.

11. They are striving to attain an ideal state.

12. They may fret over little things.

13. Always has to be on the move.

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