A short differential comparison of the Magnesium remedies : Guest post by Uta Mittelstadt

Clever Homeopathy

The Magnesiums are a remedy group that unfolds its principal action radius on the liver, the central nervous system, the gastro-intestinal system and the sexual organs. The individual salts differ in the focus strength of action on these systems. The central nervous system is the prime focus of Magnesium phosphoricum. Magnesium carbonicum also acts primarily on the central nervous system, but also on the thyroid, the gastro-intestinal tract and the musculoskeletal apparatus. This also applies to Magnesium muriaticum but there is no action on the thyroid, albeit so on the liver. Magnesium sulfuricum is quite similar to Magn. mur. in this respect, while Magnesium fluoratum is known to influence the lymphatic system the most.

The Magnesiums have in common that they are sensitive individuals that have a strong urge to make peace in the world around them. They cannot have quarrel or disharmony amongst people in their close environment, family…

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