Homeopathy for epidemics – efficacious treatment for many!

Clever Homeopathy

The efficacy of homeopathy is often questioned and subjected to doubt, due to its yet unknown and unproven action mechanism. Yet, history has provided definitive proof of homeopathys effectiveness, aside of the many individually and successfully treated case-histories. Pandemics and epidemics, situations bearing a great health risk to vast numbers of people, in fact populations, have been exemplary phases of great homeopathic treatment achievement.

While the homeopathic treatment approach to such outbreaks falls somewhat short of the absolute compliance with common homeopathic prescribing methodology and its underlying philosophy, it is nonetheless the most efficient form of therapeutic intervention with regard to the historic presentation of such mass illness.

Hahnemann, the founder of classical homeopathic medicine, has always stressed in his writings that the homeopathic approach to healing is one of highest individuality and holism. He stresses this in particular in aphorism 82 of the Organon where he states that: “

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One response to “Homeopathy for epidemics – efficacious treatment for many!

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    Thanks for the article.
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