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Download books on Homeopathy

Science-based Homeopathy

Click on the image to view or download 68 books on Homeopathy (43 books by 8 stalwarts + additional 25 books). Out of 43, 35 are PDF. Fast-track your homeopathic learning.


The Medicine of ExperienceThe Effects of Coffeedefence of the organon





Kent’s Aphorism








therapeutic pocketbooklesser writings









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कितना असुरक्षित है आपका ICICI Debit cum ATM card

आम तौर मै  ATM कार्ड  का  प्रयोग नही करता , क्रेडिट  कार्ड मेरे पास है नही , हाँ , इधर कुछ सालों से इन्टर्नेट  बैंकिग मुझे अधिक मुफ़ीद लगती है लेकिन कुछ दिन पहले एक दिक्कत आ पडी  जिसका अनुभव मेरा बहुत ही खराब रहा ।

कुछ दिन पहले गूगल प्ले पर एक एन्डॊरॆड एप्स मैने देखी थी जिसको लेने का मन  हुआ। Runtastic  pedometer नाम की  इस  एप्स की खरीद के लिये जब मैने किल्क किया तो मुझे इन्टेर्नेट बैंकिग को छोडकर बाकी सारे आपशन मिले  । वीजा / मास्टर डेबिट कम ATM कार्ड या फ़िर क्रेडिट कार्ड । क्रेडिट कार्ड न होने के कारण वीजा / मास्टर डेबिट कम ATM कार्ड ही अकेला आपशन था । स्टेट बैंक के मास्टर कार्ड को गूगल ने accept नही किया लेकिन ICICI के वीजा कार्ड को उसने एक बार मे ही ले लिया ।

google wallet

अब आवशकता  थी कुछ औपचाकरिकताओं की , जिसमें कार्ड नम्बर, कार्ड की expiry और security code और अपना नाम और पता को डालना था । इन सब स्टेज को पूरा कर के आगे बढे ही थे कि पेमन्ट अचानक हो गया । बिना कोई पासवर्ड माँगे , कोई भी O.T.P. ( One Time Password ) की सूचना मोबाईल पर नही आये बिना पेमेन्ट हो गया ।

One Time Password (OTP) has been introduced as an additional security feature by ‘ICICI Bank i-safe’ to protect your account from online fraud. OTP is a six digit code sent to resident customers on mobile and NRI customers on e-mail ID registered with ICICI Bank. OTP will be sent to you only when the system suspects unusual activity or change in your Internet Banking Access pattern and you will be asked to enter the OTP when you log in next.

OTP is confidential and should not be shared with anyone, even if the person claims to be an ICICI Bank official.

Please ensure that your mobile number and your email ID is updated with us to be able to transact online.

मेरा दिमाग सन्न रह गया । यह कार्ड नम्बर अब गूगल पर स्टोर था , जाहिर है कोई भी इसका गलत इस्तेमाल कर सकता था । वह बात अलग कि बाद में गूगल वालट से हटाने का तरीका भी ढूँढना पडा ।

लेकिन बात आनलाइन बैंकिग की थी जिसका एक पक्ष ICICI bank था । अगले दिन मैं ICICI बैंक की महानगर – लखनऊ शाखा मे गया , बैक के मैनेजर और अन्य यह मानने को तैयार नही थे कि बिना पासवर्ड के या O.T.P. के यह कैसे संभव है । उन्होनें मुझे customer care को संपर्क करने के लिया कहा ।

customer care , ICICI bank का जबाब तो और भी निराला था ,पूरी जानकारी लेने के बाद उसका कहना था कि कुछ secured sites पर जैसे गूगल पर यह नियम लागू नही होता । मैं विवेक शून्य रह गया , उसका धन्यवाद किया और फ़ोन को रख दिया । लेकिन मुझे सबक मिल चुका था कि  डेबिट कार्ड का अब मै भविष्य मे प्रयोग न करुँ ।

Mother Theresa Institute in Pondicherry to start 2-year D pharm courses in Ayurveda, Siddha, Homoeopathy

The Mother Theresa Post Graduate and Research
Institute of Health Sciences in Pondicherry will
start two-year diploma courses in Ayurveda
Pharmacy, Siddha Pharmacy and Homoeopathy
Pharmacy from this academic year onwards, said
Dr R Murali, dean of the Institute.
This is the first time a health educational
institution in Pondicherry is starting D Pharm
course in Ayush subjects. Gujarat Ayurveda
University in Ahmedabad and Aringar Anna
Hospital of ISM in Chennai are the other two
institutes in India conducting D Pharm course in
Ayurveda and in Siddha.
The dean said the department of ISM in the
college is conducting the course in collaboration
with the Ayush department of Pondicherry
government. Message about the commencement
of the course has been sent to the Ayush
department in New Delhi. On completion of the
course, the students will have one month
internship in the ISM PHCs and private clinics in
“We got the approval from the government for
starting the course. Now we are waiting for
affiliation from Board of Medical Education,
government of Pondicherry. The course will be
started from this academic year,” he added.
The syllabus of the course will include basic
anatomy, physiology, properties of medicine,
manufacturing process, pharmacology,
pharmacognozy and dispensing practice. Besides,
there will be special papers on drugs store
management, computer application in pharmacy
and health education, the dean said.
Dr K Gopal, principal of the College of Pharmacy
at the Institute said the first three batches will be
absorbed by the Pondicherry government as there
are a lot of vacancies for Ayush pharmacists in
the hospitals and PHCs in the union territory at
present. He said three of the twelve laboratories
in the college are set aside for practical purpose
of the students joining the course. The basic
qualification of the applicant is 10+2.
Dr T Thirunarayanan, secretary of the Centre for
Traditional Medicines and Research said,
previously there was a proposal to start the
diploma course in Siddha in Pondicherry,
subsequently discussion was held with Ayush
secretary. But later it was found that the job
opportunity for the course was very less there,
and the same situation is continuing still now. He
said after three years all the Siddha D Pharm
certificate holders will become jobless.
However, he suggested that the Pondicherry
government could send a minimum of ten
students each to the government Siddha colleges
at Palayamkottai in Thirunelveli and at
Arumbakom in Chennai for the same course and
on completion of the course they could be
appointed as ISM Pharmacists at the PHCs in
Pondicherry. Else, after five years, Pondicherry will
become a state of jobless Siddha pharmacists, he
source : similima

Stop self-promotion, Maha med council tells 5 doctors

According to code of Medical Ethics, no doctor can indulge in any advertisement to promote himself or his/ her practice. However the MMC says that it has been receiving many complaints on doctors flouting the rule.

The spotlight is on doctors and hospitals advertising to promote their practice.

The Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC)’s decision to penalise five doctors from Maharashtra, including two from Mumbai, for violating the medical code of ethics has sounded a strong message to the medical fraternity.

With the move, MMC has made it clear that any kind of advertising by doctors will be dealt with strictly. It has issued warning to the five doctors and asked them to submit an unconditional apology.

According to code of Medical Ethics, no doctor can indulge in any advertisement to promote himself or his/ her practice. However the MMC says that it has been receiving many complaints on doctors flouting the rule.

Dr Kishor Taori, chairman of MMC, said, “While we all know that section 6.1 of the MCI’s Code of Medical Ethics says a doctor cannot advertise for himself or herself alone or together with other doctors. The doctors were found guilty of advertising themselves and have transgressed the medical Code of Ethics.”

The doctors who got the first warning from the Maharashtra Medical Council are Dr Anil Patil and Dr Amarnath Upadhye from Mumbai, Dr Shaukat Kazi (Pune), Dr Lohiya Bhagwandas and Dr Umesh Mundada — both from Aurangabad.

According to the MMC, doctors found flouting the rule can invite punishment ranging from a warning letter to cancellation of their registration depending on the seriousness of the crime.

“Since this is their first offence, we have issued warning and asked them to submit an unconditional apology. This step should be a deterrent to others and people should learn from this episode,” said Dr Taori.

The Maharashtra Medical Council will also talk to the appropriate authority to cancel registration of the hospital or establishments found advertising.