Convert AYUSH department into a full- fledged Ministry – PAC


  • similima (225)

    The Public Accounts Committee in its Thirty- second Report (Fifteenth Lok Sabha) has recommended converting the Department of AYUSH into full- fledged Ministry, to be named as Ministry of Indigenous Systems of Medicine or AYUSH Ministry.

    The Department has taken several steps to make people aware about efficacy, efficiency and strengths of AYUSH systems of medicines, so as to encourage them to use these medicines.

    The Department organizes Arogya fairs at National & State level. Recently, State level fairs have been organized at Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim and National level Arogya at Hyderabad. During the fairs folders, booklets and leaflets and other publicity materials published by the Department are distributed to the public for enhancing their awareness.

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