The John Benneth Journal

Homeopathy, the legal view.

The case against it picks up steam

Here we go again . .

After 200 years of phenomenal growth, clinical use for over 70,000 symptoms and superior results in epidemics and popularity among loyal users, there is still great opposition, it would seem, to homeopathy.

Here’s the latest. Apparently some jurist pedant in Australia has just discovered homeopathy, and a well known critic of homeopathy is trying to take it to the bank . . again.

They just don’t get it . . it would seem.

There’s obviously some money in naysaying and pretending to be stupid. The fact of the matter is homeopathy is an obvious threat to the pharmaceutical industry. Not as a competitor . . as a destroyer. The homeopathic pharmacopoeia, which now includes over 3,000 remedies, can’t be patented, is easily manufactured, sold and used for an Avogadran fraction of what patent medicine can get…

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