News from Sri Lanka–India to assist in setting up a Homeopathic University in Sri Lanka

With special thanks to Sri Lanka Brodcasting Corporation 1-2-2012

Sri Lanka 12

Following discussions held by Minister Salinda Dissanayake with India’s Health and Family Welfare Minister Gulam Nabhi Azad, India has come forward to assist in improving the indigenous medical system. This meeting has taken place on the sidelines of the 66th World Homeopathy Conference held in India recently. An MOU is to be signed between the two countries shortly. As a preliminary step, a delegation led by the Secretary of India’s health and family welfare Ministry will arrive in Sri Lanka next Sunday. During this visit the Indian delegation will discuss about establishing an indigenous medicine university and a homeopathy university.

Earlier in August 2011 The Sri Lankan Cabinet has given approval for the new Homeopathy Act to replace the existing one to improve the Homeopathy medicine system. With the new Act a Homeopathy Medical College is expected to be established with the consent of the University Grants Commission. This new Act will stipulate the establishment of a Homeopathy Medical Council, regularization of the Registration of Homeopathy Centres and registration of Homeopathy pharmacists.  as Sri Lanka Daily Mirror reports :

Homeopathy doctors should posses qualifications obtained from a local university or any other recognized institute approved by the UGC or qualifications obtained from foreign institutions approved by the Medical Council of the relevant country, according to a new Homeopathy Act.

The monitoring and administering process of the Homeopathy profession will be assigned to the Homeopathy Medical Council to be established under the new Act. Studies, Research and Development activities of Homeopathy and the production, imports, sale and distribution of Homeopathy drugs and Monitoring and controlling of Homeopathy Medical Institutes will also come under the purview of the proposed Council.

Under the changes to be introduced the Ministry of Indigenous medicine expects to promote Homeopathy by providing qualified doctors, ensuring their services to the patients and providing of standard drugs.

The Homeopathy Medical Council will also arrange to streamline the registration of the Homeopathy Doctors and the pharmacists to avoid the engagement of unqualified doctors and pharmacists in Homeopathy treatments.

However in India . the Calcutta University annually provides 10 scholarships to Sri Lanka for homeopathy studies. Thirty-five Lankan students are studying in India.


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