Rural doctors for rural Indians — Bachelor in Rural Medicine & Surgery — Stop this madness

Rural doctors for rural Indians -- Bachelor in Rural Medicine & Surgery -- Help stop this

Yet another move to help private colleges make money. Realising the huge middle class economy category population our ‘prestigious’ management seats will be now sold in a more affordable package so that middle class can enter the tentacles of private colleges. Just imagine what a huge market for it 🙂 Instead of selling at 40 lacs per seat it will be about 10 lacs which will be easily affordable to the rich farmers of rural india:) long live the indian healthcare boom!

Now the news .. the Union govt. & MCI has decided to open a new medical course naming B.R.M.S. in  just 3-1/2 years !! How is it possible ???

Times of India wrote:

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A medical degree in 3-1/2 years? This could soon be a reality with the health ministry and Medical Council of India (MCI) planning a shorter medical degree for rural students who would exclusively serve the rural populace. After incentives failed to lure doctors to practise in remote areas, the health ministry is finalising the novel scheme along with MCI to start 3-1/2 year degree courses in medicine and surgery in institutes set up in rural areas. Under the scheme, the undergraduate `Bachelor of Rural Medicine and Surgery’ (BRMS) degree would be acquired in two phases and at two different levels — Community Health Facility (one-and-a-half year duration) and sub-divisional hospitals (secondary level hospitals) for a further duration of two years. The BRMS degree would be offered by institutes in rural areas with an annual sanctioned strength of 50 students. "Selection of students would be based on merit in the 10+2 examination with physics, chemistry and biology as subjects. A student who has had his entire schooling in a rural area with a population not more than 10,000 would be eligible for selection, which would be done by professional bodies set up by the Directorate of Medical Education of the state governments," the scheme noted.

Terming the Union health ministry proposal to start a bachelor’s degree course in rural medicine and surgery (BRMS) as a “senseless step” to save villagers from quacks, students from ayurvedic, Unani and homeopathy colleges of UP took out a protest march on Thursday. The march started from the Government Ayurvedic College and Hospital in Tudiaganj. Raising anti-government slogans, they demanded immediate withdrawal of the proposal. The march culminated into a congregation at the Shaheed Smarak.
“Compromising quality to meet a crisis is not a solution to any problem. The decision is ridiculous, especially when the government has qualified doctors,” said Jeetendra Kumar, president, Prantiye Ayush Chhatra Sangarsh Samiti – the banner under which the students are protesting.
The association cited various facts to prove its point:
First, the country has more than 7.25 lakh Ayush doctors, most of whom are passouts of government ayurvedic, Unani and homeopathy colleges. But of these, only 41,000 are in government doctors. “Why not use this human resource to do the needful?” questioned a student.
Second, agitating students said , Ayush doctors study basic aspects of medicine and survey and dynamics of health for five-and-a-half years which includes one year of internship. Many pursue postgraduation and even research which means that Ayush doctors are more qualified than BRMS doctors.


10 responses to “Rural doctors for rural Indians — Bachelor in Rural Medicine & Surgery — Stop this madness

  1. a good step for rural india ……..a milestone project … it will definitely change our health system in a good will help in our rural health infrastructure .

  2. it shud be also for urban area students as well as rural areas.why this dissimiarity between urban and rural its totally wrong


  4. Congratulations to the Govt of India & Ministry of Health Go ahead with the implementation as soon as possible. There will always be some dissent from some quarters. Now is the right time to push DRMS along with the NRHM. Rural health will be our Nation’s wealth

  5. This would the milestone Achivement if Bacheolor of Rural Medicine is Introduced in India and there will be very much healthy Rural mass.

  6. Govt of india is going to promote quack practice & will play with health of gramin peoples.This is a very rubbish step taken by govt of India.

  7. long live indian health care!!? do u think public sector doesnt sell seats…….. hahahaha thats funny MBBS is equally expensive if its any citizen residing in india…………… the govet of health ministry rocks!!!!!

  8. It is madness to start up the degree of BMRS It creates
    1. It gives treatment with incomplete knoweledge may give rise to complication or life threatening situation for patient
    2.creates unemployment for MBBS Doctors and other doctors coming Indian systems eg:BAMS physicians

    Suggestions for managing rural health problem
    1.set up one 24 hour dispencery for 6 villages at equally distance
    2. Give conveyance facility to staff ( not in terms of money )but in terms of practical means like bus for staff and car for doctors
    3.fill bound of 5 years of paid service (with salary ) getting rural benefits during taking of admissions in medical field (in MBBS ,BAMS ,Nursing etc.
    4. Give good compensation for doctors , staff

    5. Depute Substitues of MBBS like BAMS doctors as they studied medicine and surgery and ANM Staff .


  9. sir can anyone who wants to work in village be allowed to do this course if he/she has not done study in rural area uptill 10+2. moreover can anyone who has done b.p.t be allowed to do this course

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