एम्स (AIIMS ) की तरफ़ पहुँचती होम्योपैथिक चिकित्सा पद्दति

साभार : दैनिक हिन्दुस्तान दिनांक – २-११-२००९

(चित्र को बडे और साफ़ आकार मे देखने के लिये चित्र पर किल्क करें )

प्रधान्मंन्त्री स्वास्थ योजना के तहत स्थापित हो रहे ६ नये एम्स – AIIMS ( श्रषिकेश, पट्ना , रायपुर , भोपाल , जोधपुर और भुवनेशवर ) मे होम्योपैथिक चिकित्सा पद्दति की उपचार की सुविधा प्रदान की जायेगी । एम्स जैसे प्रीमयर संस्थानॊं मे आयुष पद्दति के लिये  ३० बेड का भी प्रावधान किया गया है ।

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5 responses to “एम्स (AIIMS ) की तरफ़ पहुँचती होम्योपैथिक चिकित्सा पद्दति

  1. kaisi tou khabar hoti hai akhabaro ki jisme yunanai, ayurvedik aur homeopathy ko ek hi tarah se dekh liya jata hai. jabki homeopathy tou esi kici bhi chiktisa padhti se bhinn hai aur inke udbhaw ke samay ke hisab se baat kare tou sabse adhunik bhi.

  2. Dear Dr.Tandon
    This is a great news and opportunity for homoeopathy in deed. But as u know actual outcome and cure rates in govt. homoeopathic dispensaries and college OPD is not encouraging either due to negligence, idleness or lack of proper knowledge.
    If Govt. will strict about employing really knowledgeable persons with good salery rather reservation and approaches, this will be equally good for patients and homoeopathy.
    thanks for news.

  3. hi doc……….. its vry good news that gov is promoting homoeopathy, but still there rt myths regarding this pathy in laymen”s mind we collectively make them understand nd make them clear their doubts so that ppl hve full faith in this pathy……….ALL THIS BEST TO ALL HOMOEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS…………..

  4. hi, this is the very good newz for us .
    i am very glad to know that govt. respoding gradully and giving more apportunities for growing . so we (all homoeopath) are thankful to central govt. india.

  5. its a new chance that we homoeopaths are getting a opertunaty to prove us better and our science…
    its a light comming from haven for the people of india and the whole world…that this science getting a interntional stage…

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