होम्योपैथी एलोपैथी की तर्ज पर

इधर कुछ सालो से होम्योपैथी मे एलोपैथी की तर्ज पर रोग के नाम पर औषिधयों को दावा करने की होड मची है। होम्योपैथी के कई फ़ोरम मे कुछ चि्कित्सक , खासकर जोय डी सिल्वा-श्री लंका के Nat Phos 6x के संबध में झूठे दावे या फ़िर बालों को उगाने के संबध मेArnica की बकवास रिसर्च होम्योपैथी के सिदातों की धज्जी उडाते हुये दिखते है। यह बात अलग है कि अब अधिकांश फ़ोरम पर इन बाक्सोपैथ पर पाबंदी लग चुकी है। होम्योपैथी एक थोडी सी मुशिकल सांइस है, रोग की डाइगनोसिस के बाद एक चिकित्सक को औषिधयों के लक्ष्णों को भी रोगी के लक्षणों से मिलाना पडता है, सही सिमलिनम को ढूँढने के लिये एक अनुभवी चिकित्सक को आर्गेनान, होम्योपैथी फ़िलोसफ़ी और रिपरटाइजेशन का ज्ञान रखना पडता है। कौन इतनी मेहनत करे, कौन रिपरटाइजेशन करने मे अपना सर खपाये, निशा ने होम्योपैथी के एक फ़ोरम मे एक छोटा सा प्ले प्रस्तुत किया है। पिछेले साल यह मैने उस फ़ोरम मे दे्खा था और डाक्यूमेन्टस मे सजो कर रखा था। आप भी उसका लुत्फ़ उठायिये।

स्थान – पताल लोक मे जहाँ हैनिमैन, बोनिगहसन और केन्ट आपस मे विचार विमर्श कर रहे हैं।

Homeopathy prescribed Allopathically – This for That.
Let all Homeopath prescriber’s prescribe all Homeo medicines on the policies of Allopathy. That is “THIS FOR THAT” and so CON’VENIENT “THAT FOR THIS” . Why bother for Repertorisation. Why bother for similimum and provings. Why bother for the root cause and why bother for constitution and why bother understanding the Organon (Bible of homeopathy).
A small play to temporary’ly break the monotonic postings of this forum :
AFTER Kent (USA) and Boenninghausen (Germany) invented the repertories and Hahnemann (Germany) invented the Homeopathic world.
Hahnemann, Kent, Boenninghausen start squirming together, in their caskets, six feet under the compacted earth.
Hahnemann : Hey, Why did I not think of this before ?
Kent : Think of what ? Arnica for Hair growth ? Yeah Why ?
Boenninghausen : (seriously) or for deep refreshing Sleep. ? Yeah Why ?
Hahnemann : sob … sob … my 50 years of invention gone down the drain.
Boenninghausen : Would you re-pharse that to “Gone with the Wind”. Please be more civil.
Kent : Atleast, you could have tried giving Arnica, as a placiebo for Hair Growth.
Boenninghausen : (accusingly) don’t forget its use as a palliative for the refreshingly deep beauty sleep.
Hahnemann : I guess, I over-slept over Arnica. How could I miss out on the Arnica provings. Must be my acidity & my obesity.
Boenninghausen : (sneeringly) Hey, that’s OBESITY or FAT, I see on your middle.
Kent : You must take NatriumPhos-6X and you will loose (not lose) 1 kilo every week.
Boenninghausen : (suspiciously) Hey, isn’t that the one you discovered on 25th december 2004.
Kent : Yeah….. Yeah. I gifted my discovery to this world, on christmas day.
Boenninghausen : (sighhh) Great ..isn’t it. Just like Santa Claus, the ho-ho-ho-go man who always brings us gifts on christmas day.
Boenninghausen : (with a far away look – nostalgically starts singing)
— Jingle bell … Jingle Bell …. Jingle all the way …
—– Santa Claus is coming along, riding on a sledge.
—— HEYyy … Jingle Bell …… Jingle Bell…… Jingle all the way ……
Hahnemann : Will it work on my hippopotamus. The doorway is getting too narrow for him.
Kent : Let’s all take Arnica-6 and go for sleep.
Boenninghausen : (urgently) Yes. Yes ….. But let’s first fizzle and succucess it … hmmm … how many times was it. Hold it … I’ll take Arnica-30 and not Arnica-6. I’ll bang the water bottle against my casket.
Hahnemann : Squirm … Squirm … There isn’t enough room in this casket.
Kent : Ohh nooo … my bottle did’nt fizzle.
Boenninghausen : (squintingly) … Wow … I just increased the dilution by 0.007 times.
Kent : Hey how un-hahnemann’ien ……. that’s a discovery. What a dilution. What a BOND. What a secret service to humanity.
Boenninghausen : (hissess) Yeeeesssss. This is “my discovery” and “I gift” it to this world.
Kent : Which world … below this earth world or above this earth world ?
Hahnemann : Hey …. Hey … What about me ? I proved the Arnica.
Kent : Who are you ?
Boenninghausen : (staringly) forget your dilution. Homeopathy is re-written, Herewith.
Hahnemann : (succumbs) OoohKkay. Can I borrow some Arnica from your bottle. I have balded from the top.
Kent : That’s good. Now you are talking our lingo.
Boenninghausen : (obsessingly) Hope “my discovery” is written in Gold letters on a Platinum plate.
Kent : DONE ……. let’s all say “AMEN”
(special appearance) HERING : AMEN
play written, composed and directed by NISHA-INDIA.

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  1. बढ़िया, मनोरंजक होम्योपैथी की कहानियाँ हैं!

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